Ardisia crenata Bospremium

Ardisia red white


Coralberry Ardisia crispa



Ardisia crenata is a plant of a unique shape. In combination with the limited availability, this ensures a large degree of exclusivity. Furthermore, Ardisia is very suitable as a Christmas plant because of its wonderful red white or pink berries.  


Ardisia stands out particularly, largely because of its distinctive shape. With its thick collar of berries, crowned with a bushy 'head' of leaves, it is one of a kind in the assortment. Add to this that production is fairly difficult and slow, which means that only specialized growers dare take up the challenge. Therefore, whatever way you look at it, Ardisia is an exclusive outsider that rightfully attracts attention.


It's a seasonal plant only available in the last months of the year! And it take's 2 years to grow them for you!




How Ardisia should look like...

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Just fabulous !

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Ardisia crenata Bospremium

Indoor seasonal berries

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