"This Ardisia is grown in 2 years"

New varieties.





In 2008 we introduced a new improved Ardisia variety.

The Ardisia crenata Bospremium Red*


We are proud that we have the license to produce this great species. This Ardisia is more compact and has more leaves than the normal Ardisia crenata.

It was a revolution. This plant has a lot of benefits over the original Ardisia crenata.

More sprouts, more leaves, more berries and less fragile!


In year 2013 we proudly bring a white version! This is where many people have been waiting for. After a long breath and development it is finally here! Compact, many leaves and shoots and white berries. Enjoy it!


In 2015 the new pink Ardisia  and in 2017 the Ardisia Salmon are released.

Results of seven years development.


The Ardisia crenata Bospremium Collection can be delivered again from

september till december 2019.


* Plant breeders rights




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